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Orbit Simulator 6.7

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A physics-based satellite orbit simulator.

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This is a physics-based satellite orbit simulator with 3-dimensional graphics for observing the orbit tracks in relation to Earth and the Moon. Designed mainly as an educational tool for observing the physics of space flight. It is the companion software for the book, Space Flight for Beginners and can be used as an in-class teaching aid. It allows you to design your own space missions with initial conditions, simulation time, and time step size. You can also fire rocket motors in chosen directions for maneuvering. You can even use it to design lunar mission where you launch from Earth, approach the Moon, and then fire thrusters to enter orbit around the Moon. When ready, you can fire thrusters to return to Earth. You choose all the values for the rocket motor firings. You can include atmospheric drag, lunar gravity effects on Earth satellites, and lunar gravity effects on Earth itself. The 3D images can be zoomed, rotated in angle, and shifted in space. Its highly educational and fun to play with.

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